Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Getting to Know Each Other

The first few days with my family were not great for them. You see, they are first time dog owners and they did not have any experience with dogs, especially in dealing with a very hyperactive and trouble-making puppy. I did not really help either, as I was always sniffing around for trouble.

First of all, the nights were terrible. I missed my entire family back in Sydney. I missed snuggling-up with my brothers and sisters. I missed the warmth of my mother. I could not sleep. I was barking a lot. My new family was worried that our neighbours would lodge a complaint but, thank goodness, I soon began to settle down and stopped my whines and barks.

That was not all. We had another problem to overcome i.e. 'potty-training'. Back in Sydney, I remember that we had a garden where my siblings and I could play and answer to the call of nature. This place was different. My new family lived in an apartment. I did not know where to go for my potty. Many times Missus and Dad had tried very hard to show/bring me down to the carpark to relieve myself. The attempts were unsuccessful. I admit that I was clueless at that time and did not know where to relieve myself. To side track, I am proud to say that I have never pooed indoors (except for the first time when I came to my new home and at times when I have the runs).

We were trying very hard to understand each other. In fact, I caught Dad pouring over 'dog training guide' books frantically. I thought it was funny! Out of desperation, we engaged a dog trainer to help us solve our problems.

Angie, the dog slayer (I mean trainer) from PuppyLove taught us many things. For example, I was taught how to 'sit' and 'come' on command. This was something new to my human parents. They did not expect that a wayward puppy like me would listen to commands (with treats only). They were amazed and impressed! I began to wonder if they were 'country bumpkins' and had been 'exiled' to some remote mountains for a while as this is such common knowledge. Very soon they had me performing like a circus dog.

This was me when I was between 3 to 4 months old.

Being born into a big family, I have always had to fight for my share of food and I thought it would be no different in my new family. Dad was worried that I might get indigestion problems for eating so fast. He would say to me "Homer take your time" and even now he still says that to me.

Despite the many issues that we had, we still had our fun and laughter as well. They found it amusing when I sat on my water bowl! We played many games such as fetch, hide and seek (I was a terrible 'seeker' and I still am) and tug of war. Wrestling with dad was so much fun. Missus was pathetic - She was too 'fragile' to take part in these games!

Anyway, what a way to get to know each other!

Check out my big butt.

Tug of war.

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