Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Insane Housewife

Sometimes Dad and I agree that Missus can be a bit insane when it comes to housework. Missus has this habit of vacuuming and mopping the floor about 3 times a day and we cannot fathom out why. In her defense, Missus has said that I shed a lot and she is someone who is very houseproud. She hates mess and likes things to be well-organised. Ah Li mentioned that she is a 'control freak' and her character resembles 'Monica' from 'Friends'. (I swear I once heard Missus ordering Dad to eat his biscuit over the sink!).

On this particular afternoon, Missus was in one of her insane moods. As usual, Miss Kim and I were running everywhere in the apartment, leaving behind out paw prints. This led to her get very frustrated. As a last resort, she had to put us in my crate. That definitely ended our 'chasing' games!

We looked so forlorn in the crate, but Missus thought it was comical and decided to take some photos...

"We want to get OUT!"

"Have you finished with the mopping? We are getting restless!"

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