Sunday, 7 January 2007

Miss Kim

After the humans had returned from their holidays, Missus agreed to look after someone else's dog, Miss Kim, for a month. Miss Kim was a two years old English Cocker Spaniel. Her human family doted on her, in the same way that Missus dotes on me.

Miss Kim had a very sweet temperament, although she did get jealous easily. She did not like sharing attention. She would growl if anyone spent more time with me than with her (much like me!).
I guess I was afraid of her and let her 'get away with murder'.

This was especially true when it came to eating. She would often take my food bowl, but did not take kindly if I went anywhere near to hers. Instead, I would usually stand to one side and watch her eat. If she wandered away, I would jump at the opportunity to eat as much as possible. This applied to all of my toys as well, I had full access to them - as long as she did not want them!

Despite all the crankiness, we got along extremely well and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.

Butt sniffing...

Playing with Miss Kim was great fun! We were always chasing each other, checking each others' butts (it's a dog's instinct) and humping one another (this shows sign of dominance).

Miss Kim

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