Tuesday, 2 January 2007

My Name is Homer


My name is Homer. I am a male Golden Retriever and I am one and half years old.

I do not have a habit of posting my daily journals. My Mum (who I shall refer to as 'Missus' in my blog) remarked that I spend most of my time sleeping and playing and that I ought to do something useful! So after some serious contemplation, I have decided to get off my big fat butt and start my very own blog which I shall officially title "Homer, the Golden Retriever - My Life, My Family".

I was born in Sydney, Australia on 30 June 2005. I have 6 brothers and 4 sisters (I think?).

Me, my brothers and my human friends in Sydney.

Could this be me???

Me and my mates! We were 3 weeks old!!!

This was me! I was 7 weeks old!!!

One fine day, my breeder told me that a family in Singapore was looking for a Golden Retriever puppy with potential 'show quality' (i.e. the potential to take part in dog show conformations). After a series of emails and telephone calls, I was the 'Chosen One' and before I knew it, I was on the plane to Singapore. I was only 3 months of age.

I was in my crate for almost 10 hours and I needed to relieve myself badly. I can remember that I was extremely hungry! Grrrrr!!! Where are my brothers and sisters? Where are my human friends in Sydney???

I finally arrived in Singapore and I never expected that it would be so warm. Before I knew it, a forklift came and picked up my crate. I took a peek out from my crate and I saw my new family. My missus did not expect that I would be so huge for a 3 months old puppy! Hwah! You should have seen the size of my paws - they were huge! Dad was a bit shocked too! I remember that he was slim at that time (but I cannot say that now!). I was so excited and nervous. I did not know what to expect. I recall jumping in my crate and barking loudly which caused a big commotion at the SATS cargo site. Everyone commented that I was a big boned puppy and very good looking! My parents had not recovered from their shock. I did not help to make the situation better, I kept barking non-stop.

I arrived at my new home. My puppy curiosity hit me. I started to sniff around the apartment. then nature called. Not realising it, I began to poop on the mats, twice! My human parents were not angry but I remember them saying that my poo 'stinks'. How insensitive they are! I didn't care. Instead I was 'skating' on the slippery tiles with my Missus and Dad scurrying around trying to keep up with me.

The playpens did not work. I was too strong for them. Poor Dad had to go to get a strong crate to confine me in. Before I knew it, I was in my new crate fast asleep, dreaming about playing with my brothers and sisters back in Sydney.

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